Top Takeaways from ASCO: Esophageal cancer- Healio


CHICAGO — Heart disease-related death among patients with esophageal cancer who are treated with radiation may be detectable as early as 8 months from diagnosis, according to findings presented at the ASCO 2015 annual meeting.

“It is known that radiation can cause cardiac toxicity,” study investigatorShane Lloyd, MD, told “In the short term, patients can have pericarditis and, longer-term, patients can experience an increased risk of coronary artery disease after radiation therapy to the heart. Our study was done to clarify the risks of this particular cancer treatment, even if the benefits may outweigh those risks.”

Shane Lloyd

Lloyd, an assistant professor of radiation oncology at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Huntsman Cancer Institute, and colleagues identified 40,778 patients with esophageal cancer from the SEER database and divided patients into two groups. The first group included patients with esophageal cancer who had been treated with radiation (n = 26,377); the second comprised patients with esophageal cancer who had not been treated with radiation (n = 14,401). They analyzed heart disease-specific survival in both groups.

To read more on the findings presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2015 annual meeting regarding esophageal cancer, click here.

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