The holiday season is an important time of year for every nonprofit. This year, we’re making it easy for you to help us raise money to once again fund esophageal cancer research in 2017!

The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation is part of the CrowdRise Holiday Charity Challenge, which is the best way to raise money throughout the holiday season. Over the years it’s been a game changer for organizations like ours but it does not work without our community helping as fundraisers.

As a loyal supporter, you know what that money would do for esophageal cancer awareness and research so we’re asking you, in preparation of the holiday season, to join our team and become a fundraiser. It takes less than five minutes to set up a fundraiser. All you have to do is:


•Click the Blue Button: ‘Fundraise for This Campaign.’

•The more we raise, the better our charity’s chance to win $25,000!

If for some reason you can’t set up a fundraiser, we do ask for your support in the form of a donation.  Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and can be made as a holiday gift, in memory of a loved one or as a tribute.  To donate, please visit:

One last favor!  Please share this message with your friends and family, on Facebook and your other social media pages.  Your help will be crucial to how much we can raise to once again fund research of esophageal cancer in 2017!


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