Innovative development in esophageal cancer surgery

There is a new option for esophageal cancer patients who require surgery which is less invasive and greatly reduces the risk of further infections post-surgery.   The new study was conducted by Dutch researchers and will bring hope to those who suffer from esophageal cancer.

Previously, those who were diagnosed with esophageal cancer had grim chances of surviving after surgery which consisted of a surgeon cutting through a patient’s chest to remove the cancer.   The new less-invasive procedure requires patients to not only have shorter hospital stays but also have improved quality of life after surgery.

Researchers compared results of 56 patients who had open surgery with the results of 59 patients who had the less invasive surgery.  Two weeks after surgeries, 29 percent of those with open surgery developed lung infections while only 9 percent of patients with the less invasive surgery developed infections in the lung.Simon Law of the University of Hong Kong, China has been quoted as saying: “If these results can be confirmed in other settings, minimally invasive esophagectomy could truly become the standard of care.”

As the only cancer which is steadily increasing over the past three decades in the western world, cancer of the esophagus is for many, a death sentence.  There are no underlying causes for esophageal cancer, just risk factors.  Many patients diagnosed with esophageal cancer pass within the first year of noticing symptoms and almost all cases are fatal.

Read more about this revolutionary new surgery option by clicking here.

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