Thanksgiving Tips to manage GERD

Learn how to enjoy the holidays and all of the delicious food while managing your acid reflux. Here are a few tips for you to take with you to the Thanksgiving dinner table:

1. Limit beverage consumption while eating. Sometimes fluids can cause more gas in the stomach when combined with food intake. Try to drink after you are done eating.

2. Sit upright for several hours after you’ve eaten. Or even better, take a family stroll around the neighborhood to help settle your stomach and aid digestion.

3. Avoid excess alcohol consumption. There are some people however who should avoid all alcohol consumption as even the smallest amounts can cause acid reflux. Know your body and plan accordingly.

4. Don’t over-eat. Ask for a smaller plate, take a small sample from each dish and load up on your “safe” foods that you’ve predetermined do not cause you acid reflux. Is having that second helping of pumpkin pie worth the hours of pain and misery due to the acid reflux afterwards?

5. Chew slowly. Help your digestive system by chewing every bite slowly and thoroughly. Put your fork down in between bites to help remind yourself to go slow while eating.

From all of your friends at The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation, we wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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