“It’s not OK to just take a pill” to treat acid reflux’ – RefluxMD

Thank you to RefluxMD for sharing this video of a man who much like our family’s patriarch, suffered from heartburn for years and then developed esophageal cancer.

From RefluxMD:

“We often come across news stories that highlight the struggles that people living with acid reflux face. We think they are important to share because they help put a face to the GERD epidemic and drive home the message that acid reflux can lead to serious complications. This is one such story. Read on to learn how one acid reflux sufferer is using his experience with esophageal cancer to encourage others to take control of their health.”

Acid reflux leads to esophageal cancer

This moving story was originally presented by Tampa ABC news anchor Wendy Ryan. We decided to share it because it is such an emotional and touching story about a heartburn sufferer. George Mickle, like millions of American adults, was instructed by his doctor to take medication daily to manage his heartburn symptoms.  Thinking they were a cure for his problems, he learned years later that they only masked his symptoms, while his acid reflux disease progressed to esophageal cancer.


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