Gastroenterology Journal: “US Deaths from Obesity Underestimated”

Obesity is one of the major risk factors associated with esophageal cancer and a slew of other diseases.  It has recently been reported that Mexico has taken first place among nations with the highest obesity rate and bumped The United States to second place.  However, obesity rates are not only on the increase but attributing to more fatalities than previously imagined.

American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Journal Science Editor, Kristine Novak, PhDs reports in her latest article” US Deaths from Obesity Underestimated” that new findings reported in the American Journal of Public Health has shown that the epidemic  has been greatly “underestimated.”  She writes that a new study says “obesity kills far more US men and women than previously believed.”

To read more of this article and to find out why obesity related deaths are not better calculated, click here .



Source: “US Deaths from Obesity Underestimated.”  Story by: Kristine Novak, PhD, Science Editor, AGA Journals



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