Tackle Your Heartburn On Game Day!

There are certain foods that can cause acid reflux.  With Football season upon us, the temptation to indulge in some favorite game day snacks can unfortunately lead to uncomfortable heartburn attacks.

The best way to avoid heartburn caused by these foods is to, well, avoid them.   Enjoy your football party without suffering from acid reflux.  Remember, if left not properly treated, heartburn over-time, can lead to esophageal cancer.  No pun intended.


While some items on the list may cause more heartburn in some than others, it is best to keep a food journal to keep a record of what causes your acid reflux to spike.

Heartburn triggers:

-Beer, wine, spirits and carbonated beverages.
-Hot and spicy foods.
-Fatty, fried and greasy foods.
-Tomato based foods, garlic and onions.
-Chocolate and caffeine
-Citrus based fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lemon, etc..
-High-fat meat and dairy products

Heartburn sufferers should also remember the following tips:

-Avoid eating a few hours before bedtime.
-Do not lay down immediately after eating.
-Moderate exercise can help acid reflux but avoid rigorous exercise.
-Wear loose clothing. Avoid tight clothing, especially clothes that are tight around the mid-section of your body.
-Some acid reflux sufferers have felt relief by drinking alkaline water.

To view a list of foods that can possibly fight acid reflux, check out Health.com’s article by clicking here.

Heartburn can be serious.  As always, we suggest talking to your physician or Gastroenterologist about your acid reflux.



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