Fundraising Spotlight: “Beards for Bruce”

In November, 2014, Richard Huston and his family started a “Beards for Bruce” campaign in support of his father-in-law, Bruce and his battle with esophageal cancer.   Unfortunately, in September of this year, Bruce lost his gallant fight with esophageal cancer.   Richard said that last year Bruce was “overwhelmed by the love and support demonstrated by family, friends and those who didn’t even know him.”

This year, the family continues the campaign and Richard plans to continue “Beards for Bruce” every November in memory of Bruce to promote early detection of esophageal cancer and to help raise awareness and donations in hopes that someday, they will find a cure.”

The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation is honored to fulfill this mission in honor of Bruce and we thank all of Bruce’s family and friends who participate and support the “Beards for Bruce” campaign.  Below is an excerpt from the “Beards for Bruce” fundraising website, created by Richard and his family.   Please join us in thanking Bruce’s family and friends for supporting this cause and help them in their mission to raise much needed funding for esophageal cancer awareness and research by sharing their fundraising website.   Thank you!

Bruce Reavill was a proud Husband, Father, and Grandfather that always made his family the number one priority in his life. He was also my (Richard Huston) Father in Law who was an amazing mentor, father figure, and the head of the family.  An absolutely amazing man that seemed to never meet a stranger and left a positive impact every where he would go and with everyone he would meet. He raised two amazing and beautiful daughters; from countless family vacations when they were young to the two of them graduating college and continuing on in life with successful careers and eventually starting their own families.  Needless to say he was a very proud father and Grandfather.

In 2013 Bruce and his lovely wife Sandy decided it was time to find that perfect retirement home in a desert oasis.  After careful consideration and many options they elected to move to Buckeye, Arizona. This is where they would build the home they always wanted with a pool, room for the grandchildren to visit, and their own souped up golf cart that provided them their number one form of transportation.  Surrounded by the beauty of the desert, the elimination of Minnesota winter, and the beautiful Cooper Canyon golf course was the life of retirement that Bruce and Sandy had worked so hard in life for.

Unfortunately after a few short months in Arizona Bruce noticed that he was having trouble swallowing. Initially Bruce put it off as a bad case of heartburn or indigestion; he realized it was not going away and would warrant a trip to the doctor’s office.  This trip to the doctor changed Bruce’s life forever as he heard the words “you have esophageal cancer”.  The impact on Bruce and our family was immediate and very real.  Bruce is one of the strongest and most loving men I have ever known in my lifetime.  He has set the bar of how a man should be in life never wavering from what is right, what is best for his family, and his strong believe in his faith in God.

After completing weeks of chemotherapy, radiation, and a very difficult surgery we had thought he was clear of this horrible decease.   At his 90 day post exam his PET scan revealed that the cancer had now spread to other parts of his body to include his throat, liver, and bones. The reality of being so far away from family during this very difficult time had taken its toll. So this past winter Bruce and Sandy decided to move back to Minnesota where they could be closer to friends and family.  Bruce vowed that he would be Warrior through this process and fight with all his heart.

Bruce would continue chemotherapy, more radiation, and almost daily trips to the doctor’s office. Bruce was a true warrior, a fighter, and a champion who gave it his all with the pride and style that only Bruce could. Unfortunately in September Bruce lost his gallant fight with esophageal cancer.  He was a great man that was loved by so many and who will always be missed from this earth.

Last year I organized the Beards for Bruce campaign in support of Bruce’s battle with Cancer.  Bruce was overwhelmed by the love and support demonstrated by family, friends and those who didn’t even know him. Many of you participated, donated, and provided support for Bruce last year.  For some of you, this may be the first time reading Bruce’s story.   I plan to continue Beards for Bruce every November in memory of Bruce to promote early detection of Esophageal Cancer and to help raise awareness and donations in hopes that some day they will find a cure.

I am reaching out and asking for your support in Bruce’s memory and to further esophageal cancer research.  For all of you who can take part in growing some facial hair in the month of November,  let’s grow out our beards, mustaches, goatees, or in honor of Bruce’s younger years a horseshoe mustache (handle bars) to raise cancer awareness.

We have elected to have all donations to go to The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation.  All donations go directly to raise awareness, encourage early detection and to fund research of esophageal cancer…in hopes of a cure.™

I hope you will support me and my family in effort to reach my goal by using the links provided for donations.

Thank you for your love and support!


To visit the “Beards for Bruce” fundraising page, please click here:


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