Submit your photo for our Esophageal Cancer Awareness Video Slideshow!

April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month.  This year, The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation is putting together a video slideshow of all the brave men and women who have been affected by esophageal cancer- those who have survived, those who have passed away and those who are currently fighting this horrific cancer

If you would like to submit a photo to be included in the slideshow, please email salgifoundation @ by Friday, March 24, 2017 at 2PM EST.   Please only send one photo per person to be included in the slideshow.  Please also include the person’s name and if applicable, the birth year and year of passing.  (I.e. John Smith, 1968-2014)

We ask you to consider making a donation to the charity along with your photo.  While donations are not mandatory for inclusion in the slideshow, this charity is sustained 100% by the generosity of our donors.  In order to continue this mission of raising awareness, encouraging early detection and funding research of esophageal cancer, we ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation.  Click here to donate.

The goal of this video slideshow is to raise awareness of the fact that esophageal cancer is growing at a rapid rate and affecting people of all ages, race and gender.  With your help, we will make a difference!

Thank you!


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