Esophageal Cancer Survivor’s Daughter Shares Story of Hope

There is no question that those who are diagnosed with esophageal cancer face a long and arduous road ahead of them.   Often times, those who are diagnosed with esophageal cancer are given bleak outcomes.  A search online will portray terrifying odds.

While we have an obligation to post information and statistics concerning esophageal cancer incidence and survival rates on this website, we always strive to encourage those who are affected not to focus on the figures and rates and instead focus on treatment, receiving support from family and friends and taking each moment as it comes.

While the diagnosis may be similar, each person has his or her own individual journey.  Positivity and hope play a large role in treatment.

Know that there are men and women who have not only survived esophageal cancer but have lived for decades after their initial diagnosis.

Recently, we came across a story online of a daughter whose father was given the same bleak outcome that so many others have faced.  This man not only survived esophageal cancer, but is thriving.

We are honored to share this story and ask that you join us in wishing this survivor many, many, many more years of health, happiness and the ability to share his HOPE with others!


Sheri, in honor of her father, Bill:

“I vividly remember the day my father was diagnosed with this horrible disease. I was 8 months pregnant with my 2nd child. The doctor told him he should start making arrangements because, he would not be alive in a year. It was almost a year before we even heard of someone who had survived for more than 3 years. That was 21 years ago this coming April.
Today, my father placed 3rd in the Masters division at the Southern Erg Sprints indoor rowing championships. He was coxed by my son, who was born 4 ½ years after my dad’s diagnosis. For all of you out there who are feeling defeated by this disease, there is hope. People don’t just survive this disease they can thrive after it.”

Sheri went on to say that her “dad was not doing well until my mom found a 10 year survivor. That little bit of hope changed his outlook and made all the difference.”

We hope that this story inspires others who may be experiencing a similar situation.   Thank you, Sheri for allowing us to share your father’s story.   Please use the sharing links below to help us share this story of hope!



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