Survivor Story: Borden “Yes, you can beat this!”

Below is a story from a wife of a man who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  We are very thankful to this couple for sharing their personal experiences with us in order to bring awareness to this devastating cancer.  As his wife said, “I want to bring hope to people facing this horrible disease. [My husband} is a testament to fighting and winning!”

Survivor Story: Borden. Story by wife, Mary A.

My husband was diagnosed on March 3, 2009 with stage 3 Esophageal cancer. He fought it with chemo and radiation first then after 2 months if intensive treatments had the 9.5 hr surgery to remove the cancer. He had to learn how to swallow again and ate through a feeding tube for 7 months. It was such a scary time for us.

Jump ahead to ten years later, he’s doing great!!! He survived with lots of care and prayer. My prayers were answered and I hope his story will help others know, yes you can beat this awful disease!


Awareness, Early Detection and Research

Too often, esophageal cancer is ignored and disregarded. There is a tremendous need to bring not only awareness but tools and resources to encourage early detection and advocacy and actual funding for esophageal cancer research.

The personal stories we share on our website do just that.  They are each equally important and deserve to be published.  Please do not reproduce any of these stories without our permission.  You may contact us with any questions or comments.

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