Fundraising Update: Running For Maki

On Sunday, November 3, 2019, Daniel ran his very first marathon, The New York City Marathon, in memory of his mother-in-law, Makiko Moni, who passed away from esophageal cancer.

Daniel created an online fundraising page to honor his mother-in-law and to raise awareness of esophageal cancer and funding for research.  The fundraiser “Running for Maki” has been a great success, with Daniel raising over $6,700 (and counting)!

Daniel also finished the race in 4:41 time and said that “knowing I was running on behalf of my mother-in-law, all of the donors and Salgi really kept me going, especially late in the race.”  Makiko passed away from esophageal cancer earlier this year (2019).

We are honored to carry out this mission in Makiko’s memory and are extremely appreciative to Daniel and all who supported his fundraiser.  To check out his campaign, click here.

Visit our Facebook page to view more photos from race day! Click here

Learn the facts: Esophageal cancer is considered one of the fastest growing and deadliest cancer in the United States and western world.  Esophageal cancer has increased over 700% in the past three decades and has an overall 5 year survival rate of only 19.2%.

There are no routine or standard screenings to improve early detection of esophageal cancer and symptoms often arise late, once the cancer is considered advanced or “distant” (spread to lymph nodes and other organs.) Stage IV esophageal cancer has a survival rate of only 4.8%.

Despite these facts, esophageal cancer research is extremely underfunded.  In 2015, The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation awarded esophageal cancer research funding for the very first time. Then, in November, 2018, we have once again awarded funding for esophageal cancer research. Both grants were given in honor of all the men and women affected by esophageal cancer.

If you would like to create a fundraiser, please visit:





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