Fundraising Spotlight: #PeriwinkleECStack Fundraising Stack Challenge

Carly, who goes by the handle @blairwitchbooks on Instagram, lost her father to esophageal cancer. During the month of April which is ‘Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month’, Carly will be hosting a fundraiser called the #PeriwinkleECStack challenge to benefit The Salgi Esophageal Cancer Research Foundation.

Read more below about her father and her fundraiser.

To participate in the Instagram challenge fundraiser, visit Carly on Instagram and use the hashtag #PeriwinkleECStack.

Image via Carly @blairwitchbooks

Today I’m sharing something personal and close to my heart. April is Esophageal Cancer Awareness month. 3.5 years ago I lost my father to it. I’d never heard anyone speak of esophageal cancer before my family was affected. Because of this, even with my tiny platform, I think it’s very important to spread awareness for the month of April.

For the month of April I will be hosting the #PeriwinkleECStack challenge to spread awareness & raise some funds! For every post that uses this hashtag & tags me, I will donate $1 FOR EVERY STACK to the Salgi Foundation for Esophageal Cancer Awareness & Research.

Some terrifying facts about EC:

Esophageal cancer has increased by 733% over the past 4 decades; making it among the fastest growing & deadliest cancers in the US & western world.

Chronic heartburn is a primary risk factor.

There are NO routine or standard screenings to detect esophageal cancer in the early stages.

Only 19.9% of patients diagnosed will survive 5(+) years. (My dad was diagnosed in October and passed the following September – not even a year.)

ESOPHAGEAL CANCER RESEARCH IS CRITICALLY UNDERFUNDED. Being such a fast-growing cancer – this should NOT be the case.

If I tagged you, please join me and participate by posting your periwinkle stack! If you see this – please consider yourself tagged as well! Post your periwinkle stacks – spread some awareness – and please tag me & #PeriwinkleECStack !

***facts from @salgifoundation

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